#743, 7/8 as “Vieuxtemps” Guarneri
Violin #743
78 as “Vieuxtemps” Guarneri
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78 Size Violins

“Isabel was struggling for years with a full size violin. It was difficult for her to stretch the fourth finger, never mind the double-stops. Then we discovered that Douglas Cox has these wonderful 78 instruments. I cannot describe the difference in Isabel’s progress since she got your 78 violin! Thank you so much for your help — we could not do it without you!”
Sophie Vilker, violinist & teacher

In 2005, Carl Becker challenged me to develop a violin, smaller than full-size but bigger than ¾, to equal my full-size violins in tone quality and projection. My 78 size violins are built on a pattern derived from the violins of Joseph Guarneri “del Gesù,” during the 1730’s. The model is well suited to produce an even, strong, open and very rich sound for a compact violin that is easy to play.

Each instrument is made individually. Wood selection and styling are unique, and the dimensions will vary slightly from instrument to instrument. The basic dimensions of my 78 model are:

Body length: 345 mm
Upper bout: 165 mm
Middle bout: 112 mm
Lower bout: 202 mm
String length: 317 mm

Dimensions may vary from instrument to instrument. I use the same fine materials and workmanship as in my full-size models to result in instruments that satisfy the requirements of professional players of small stature, gifted young artists who have not reached their full growth, and all players for whom size is an issue.

“I have been playing the 78 violin, and I’m very happy with it. The violin is beautiful, and the sound is amazing – I love it. It can be very strong and at the same time very sweet. In addition, the size is perfect, it really fits me!” Mariesther Alvarez