Douglas Cox Viola Opus 860 ~ 16½” Maggini

The viola bears the facsimile label, “Gio:Paolo Maggini in Brefcia”, and on the opposite side the label "Douglas C. Cox, Brattleboro, Vermont, 2014, #860 " and is branded and initialed on the inside. It is built on an original model inspired by the work of G. P. Maggini of Brescia and is made of well-aged New England grown wood. The back is cut on the slab from one pieces of maple with medium-width horizontal flames. The ribs and scroll are of maple similar to that of the back. The table is of two pieces of spruce of medium-wide growth. Typical of Maggini’s work, the viola has double purfling. The varnish is of a red-brown color over a golden ground and is shaded and imitated. The fingerboard is of hop hornbeam and is light in color. The fittings are of boxwood with ivory-colored trim.


Length: 421 mm
Upper Bout: 204 mm
Middle Bout: 135 mm
Lower Bout: 252 mm
Rib Height: 34-36 mm
String Length: 385 mm