Douglas Cox Violin Opus 157 ~ 1691 Long Pattern "Ginn" Stradivarius


The violin bears the label "Douglas C. Cox, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1989, #157" and is branded and initialed on the inside. It is a copy of the "Ginn" violin by Antonio Stradivari dated 1691 in the possession of th elate Marylou Speaker Churchill, an example of his "long pattern". It is built of well aged New England grown wood. The back is cut on the quarter from two pieces of maple with narrow horizontal flames. The ribs and scroll are of maple matching that of the back. The table is of two pieces of spruce of medium narrow growth in the center, broadening toward the flanks. The varnish is of a rich amber-brown color over a golden ground and is shaded and imitated. The fittings are of boxwood with black trim.



This special violin is a copy of the 1691 long pattern "Ginn" Stradivarius played by the late Marylou Speaker Churchill, long-time principal second violin of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It was commissioned by Marylou in 1989 and finished in 1990.


Marylou sold the violin to her much-loved student, Amanda Burr, in 2005. Amanda passed away in 2011, and the violin - along with her Baroque violin, my #11, is now being made available by the family. To read more about the making of this violin, visit my blog.


Length: 363 mm
Upper Bout: 168 mm
Middle Bout: 109 mm
Lower Bout: 207 mm
Rib Height: 30 mm
String Length: 331 mm