Douglas Cox Violin Opus 766 ~ “Eddy-Brown” Bergonzi 1744


The violin bears the facsimile label “Anno 1744 Carlo Bergonzi / fece in Cremona”. It also bears on the treble side the label “Douglas C. Cox, Brattleboro, Vermont, 2012, #766 and is branded and initialed on the inside. It is a copy of the “Eddy - Brown” violin of Carlo Bergonzi in the possession of Peter Zazofsky. It is built of well aged New England grown wood. The back is cut on the quarter from two pieces of maple with broad flames descending from the treble side. There are two filled worm holes in the lower bass bout near the center joint. The ribs are of maple of medium-narrow flame. The neck and scroll are of maple with deep, narrow flame. The table is of two pieces of spruce of medium to broad growth. The varnish is of an dark brown color over a golden ground and is shaded and imitated. The fittings are of boxwood with ebony trim.



In 2011 Chris Reuning published a beautiful exhibition catalog on the work of the Bergonzi family, including photographs and technical information.


At the same time, I was lucky enough to study close up two of the Carlo Bergonzi (1683-1747) instruments featured in the book: the ‘Eddy-Brown’ and the ‘Hozier-Andrews.’

These opportunities inspired four Bergonzi violins, models I have never tried before: ‘Eddy-Brown,’ ‘Meintzhagen,’ ‘Hozier-Andrews’ and ‘Vinegra-Wallace.’


Bergonzi worked in Stradivari’s shop before it closed at Antonio’s death in 1737. Bergonzi’s work of the 1730’s shows the influence of that experience, his own less fastidious temperament showing itself more as time passed.


Length: 351 mm
Upper Bout: 164 mm
Middle Bout: 111 mm
Lower Bout: 205 mm
Rib Height: 30-31 mm
String Length: 327 mm