Douglas Cox Violin Opus 771 ~ "Ortenberg" Montagnana 1717


The violin bears the facsimile label “Domenicus Montagnana sub Sugnum Cremone Venetia 1717,” and on the opposite side the label “Douglas C. Cox, Brattleboro, Vermont, 2012, #771” and is branded and initialed on the inside. It is patterend after the a violin of Domenico Montagnana made in 1717. It is built of well aged New England grown wood. The back is cut on the quarter from two pieces of New England maple with handsome medium-width flames descending from the treble side. There is a filled worm-hole at in the upper bass bout along the center joint. The ribs, neck and scroll are of maple of narrower, less pronounced flame than that of the back. The table is of two pieces of spruce of narrow growth. The varnish is of a red-brown color over a golden ground and is shaded and imitated. The fittings are of boxwood with ebony trim.



A few years ago, Jaime Laredo sold his Stradivarius (the "Gariel") and purchased a Montagnana violin that he had fallen in love with. As he is a sometime neighbor during the summertime, he was kind enough to allow me to study the violin. I decided after making a pair of violins after his 1723 to explore another Montagnana model - very similar in size and pattern - that I had photos and dimensions of - and this is that one.


Length: 355 mm
Upper Bout: 168 mm
Middle Bout: 114 mm
Lower Bout: 210 mm
Rib Height: 30-31 mm
String Length: 331 mm