Player Spotlight ~ John Bergin, Violinist

Opus #551, “Koff” Vuillaume ~ 2006

John BerginJohn Bergin plays on Cox violin #551, patterned after a violin by J. B. Vuillaume which was in turn a copy of a violin by Joseph Guarneri "del Gesù", formerly owned and played by Robert Koff.

#551 "Koff" Vuillaume Violin ~ 2006John is the youngest of 5 in a family that appreciates music. His dad is a violist and a microtonal composer, his mom a pianist. John started Suzuki lessons at age 5 on a tenth size violin.

John plays in both NEC's Youth Reperetory Orchestra and the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra. He went to Interlochen Arts Camp for 5 summers, studying violin and playing in the orchestras and chamber groups. In 2010 he went to England on tour with the BYSO.

John is on a local swim team, swimming breaststroke and butterfly. He is teaching himself guitar and has sung with friends in local acoustic performances as well as in youth group at church. He is a Boy Scout, working on badges to get ready to go for his Eagle Scout rank.

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