Player Spotlight ~ Carol Lieberman ~ Violinist, Violist

Baroque Violin Opus 37, 1983

Viola Opus 736, 15 5/8" Carrodus del Gesù, 2011

"After years searching for a small viola with a fabulous dark sound appropriate for solo performance, I have found Doug Cox's Guarnarius model that projects the perfect antique sound. Everyone who hears me play it falls in love with this instrument."

Carol LiebermanCarol Lieberman is the proud owner of two instruments made by Douglas Cox: one of his first Baroque Violins, and a modern Viola, which she purchased in February of 2012. Based on a Joseph Guarnerius 1743 “del Gesù”, this Viola has its characteristic dark and mellow sound that carries so beautifully in a concert hall. It is a first rate solo instrument, and conveys that unmistakable Guarnerius quality.  As an added bonus, the relatively small size of this Viola makes it the perfect instrument for a violinist to play.

Associate Professor of music at College of the Holy Cross, and Director of the Holy Cross Chamber Players, Carol Lieberman is one of America’s leading exponents of Baroque violin performance as well as violin repertoire from the 19th to the 21st centuries. She has performed with harpsichordist Mark Kroll for forty years, and they have given recitals of the complete Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord of J.S. Bach in Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Boston and San Francisco. Her recordings have received the highest critical acclaim, and include the J. S. Bach Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord, a world premiere album of sonatas by Simon LeDuc, an album of sonatas of C.P.E. Bach and J.C. Bach, CDs of Schubert’s Three Sonatinas for Violin and Fortepiano andErno Dohnanyi’s Sonata for Violin and Piano, Serenade for String Trio, and second Quintet for Piano and Strings. Her recordings of contemporary repertoire includeWalter Piston’s Sonatina, Lester Trimble’s Canterbury Tales, Alan Hovhaness’s Duo, Elliott Carter's Riconoscenza, and a CD issued by Centaur Records of Olivier Messiaen’s, Quartet for the End of Time.  Her recordings are also available for purchase and listening on iTunes.

Carol Lieberman frequently lectures on violin performance practice, including vibrato and bow technique. She has given master classes in Poland, Israel, France and England, and recently gave a lecture-recital entitled “Vibrato in the Franco-Belgian School from G.B. Viotti to E. Ysaye” in La Spezia, Italy.


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