Player Spotlight ~ Abina Cohen ~ Violinist

Opus 778, Gaspar da Salò violin, 2012

“When I decided to major in music I decided that it was time to start looking at instruments again. I already had tremendous faith in Doug Cox's instruments and made my way to his workshop in Vermont to try some new ones. Finding Violin Opus #778 was like finding a wand in the world of Harry Potter. I knew immediately by the feel and beautiful tone that I wanted to continue my studies on this instrument."

Abina CohenAbina Cohen, 21, has been playing the violin for 13 years. She started in Burlington, Vermont studying with Laura Markowitz and playing in the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association. She moved to Massachusetts at age 13 and studied under Jennifer Sterling and Sophie Vilker at New England Conservatory in Boston.

Abina was a student at Project STEP whose mission is to identify and train minority students who did not have ready access to the best available training. While in Project STEP she played a master class with Mark O'Connor, the Inauguration of Massachusetts governor Duval Patrick and the 5th and 6th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. concert featuring guest artist Cindy Blackman-Santana and which was broadcasted nationally on Channel 5.

Abina is at Lake Forest College where she studies Music and Spanish. In the Fall she will intern with the El Sistema inspired program the YOURS Project while studying with Stefan Hersh and taking classes at Roosevelt Conservatory.

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