Player Spotlight ~ Katianna Nardone ~ Violinist & Composer

Opus 652, 1779 Guadagnini, 2009

“Douglas Cox’s violin is amazing to play! When I first picked it up it reminded me of when Harry Potter first rides his Firebolt broomstick in The Prisoner of Azkaban - he is amazed how it responds to his every subtle touch. This violin has a beautiful sound and looks beautiful too. Its quality and personality make it a joy to play on."

Katianna and the Cox #652 1779 GuadagniniAs a four-year-old, Katianna had wanted to study violin, but was physically too small for the instrument. She was convinced instead to study piano for a year as a substitute. At the age of five she insisted on being allowed to study violin, and thus began exploring her passion for the instrument. Katianna has studied violin under the instruction of Cathy Hall-Schor and Lilo Glick, and currently studies with Joana Genova of the Manchester Music Festival and Williams College. Katianna is concertmistress in the Green Mountain Youth Orchestra.

Along with her passion for the violin, Katianna plays first chair trumpet in her high school band. She previously sang in the Bennington Children’s Chorus for 9 years. Katianna is self-taught on guitar, and uses it to back up her vocals for pleasure and occasional performances.

In addition to playing instruments, Katianna also has a love of composing classical music. When she was in eighth grade, she composed her first music composition as part of an independent study using Sibelius software.  This orchestral piece was performed during the summer of 2010 at The Green Mountain Orchestra Camp. At the age of fifteen she composed her next two pieces, Annabel’s Waltz (string section) and An Epic Journey (full orchestra). Both of these were performed by The Sage City Symphony as part of a Young Composers Project in March of 2013.

In the summer of 2013 she attended Interlochen Arts Camp as a composition major and studied under Dr. Robert Deemer. The six-week program allowed her to experience inspiring teachers, professional recording sessions, and a passionate environment. For her work at Interlochen, Katianna was awarded an Interlochen Fine Arts Award for Composition. Katianna’s Interlochen works included Dance of the Misty Elves (string quartet), Moosilauke (saxophone quartet) and Disappearing (art song, vocal with piano, done in collaboration with the creative writing program). These were performed at camp by Interlochen students, and several of these works have been or are scheduled to be performed by The Manchester Music Festival. In 2014, Katianna received the Vermont All State Scholarship Award for Composition, with her submission of Dance of the Misty Elves. This is scheduled to be performed at the 2014 Vermont All State Music Festival.

Katianna likes listening to every kind of music but she especially enjoys indie rock and folk. She holds a special place in her heart for Broadway shows. She draws inspiration for her compositions from movie scores by composers such as Hans Zimmer, John Powell, John Williams, and Howard Shore.

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