Violins and Violas

T.J. Wiggins.
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Douglas Cox  builds violins, violas and cellos in a wide range of models  and styles to meet the unique requirements of each player. His standard  models include the  classics of  Stradivari and Guarneri as well as  many interesting models of Gasparo da Salò, Storioni, Guadagnini,  Stainer, Amati and Montagnana. 

The Materials


Most of the wood used is fine maple and spruce from the mountains of the  Eastern American forest, some  from the hills immediately surrounding  his studio. Doug has been cutting, aging and using his own wood since  1978 and his work has evolved over the years to make best use of its  fine tonal qualities.


Violin Opus 923, Maggini 1610

A good selection of violins and violas  is available at  the studio West Brattleboro, Vermont, and at fine dealers around the country. 


Contact us for information about the availability of specific  instruments and how to see them. We welcome  inquiries about new  instruments. 

2018 Prices

The 2009 Quartet in the greenhouse. © Cox Violins.

Violins: $22,000 & $25,000
Violas: $25,000
Cellos: $45,000

Vintage Instruments

The scroll of Violin Opus 11.

There are over 800 instruments in use around North  America and the world. If you are the owner of one, or if you are  considering purchasing a Cox violin, viola or cello, get in  touch, and we will provide as much information about the instrument as we can. Consider bringing your instrument in for a  check-up and to be photographed.

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Visit the Studio


Visitors are always welcome at the studio in West Brattleboro. Call before making the drive to be sure that Doug will be there.