A Wealth of Choices

Douglas Cox's violins range from very small to very large, from careful copies of the great masterworks to experimental flights of imagination. He works on many models derived from many sources, including:

  • Giuseppe Guarneri (Guarneri del Gesù)
  • Peter Guarneri (Peter of Venice)
  • Antonio Stradivarius
  • Guadagnini
  • Gasparo da Salò
  • Maggini
  • Brothers Amati
  • Lorenzo Storioni
  • Vuillaume
  • Gagliano
  • Grancino
  • Bergonzi

The sound of an instrument is the product of wood quality, air volume,  plate shape, arching, graduation, varnish, and set-up. The form fixes the volume and shape, though volume is also dependent on rib height and  arching. Other things being equal, a larger instrument will have a  darker tone color. But of course they are never equal and the making process involves adjustments at each step to build on or modify what has been done already. The success of an instrument is the harmonic melding  of all these elements.  — Douglas Cox

The back of Opus 730, 1610 Amati "Blanche Moyse"

The back of Opus 730, 1610 Amati "Blanche Moyse"